apator1We are exclusive dealers in Ethiopia for Apator Powogaz S.A. - a leading manufacturer in Central – East Europe in range of systems and measuring equipments. Apator Powogaz S.A. is a renowned numerous prizes and awards winning manufacturer of water meters based in Poznan, Poland (EU) which also offers a wide range of flow meters, heat meters, and flow transducers for heat meters as well as system solutions since 1925.



massenza1G6 Trading is an exclusive Agent for MASSENZA fu GIUSEPPE IMPIANTI DI PERFORAZIONE S.R.L., a drilling rig manufacturing company based in Parma, Italy.  MASSENZA is a leader and pathfinder in drilling rigs and spare parts manufacturing sector since 1921. 




justur1We are also an agent for JUSTUR– a water meter test bench manufacturer based in Stara Tura, Slovakia (EU).